Cucumber Noodle Salad with Italian Dressing

Cucumber noodle ribbons tossed with avocado, black olives and a homemade Italian dressing. This recipe is inspired by my Mom’s “famous” pasta salad. It’s nut-free, low-carb, paleo and vegan. 

cucmber pasta

Cucumber noodle ribbons. Creamy avocado with black olives. The taste of family and joy.

Well that got heavy …

But that’s what this recipe is! This humble cucumber salad speaks volumes to me.

My mom makes this pasta salad (well did, before we stopped eating grains), and it has no other name than “Mom’s Pasta Salad”. We all know it, and we all love it, especially me.

I could no doubt LIVE off of her pasta salad growing up, and I asked for it at every possible moment. But the great thing about her pasta salad, is that she only made it for special occasions. Somehow, that fact makes the memory of her pasta salad, filled with colorful spiral pasta, tortellini, black olives and my very favorite homemade red wine Italian dressing, even better. More special, I guess….

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nobake desserts2

15 Paleo No Bake Desserts

I may love to bake, but there are times when I don't want to bake, like when I'm lazy, craving a cold, sweet treat (like ice cream!) or when I don't wan't to melt in my hot Texas house by adding a hot oven to that equation. Recipes that don't require an oven are always a great idea, and so I ...

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Roasted Zucchini with Lemon

Zucchini wedges roasted with lemon, basil and EVOO. [paleo, nut-free, vegan and 5-ingredients] I am all about zucchini right now, and about the combination of fresh basil with lemon and olive oil. It's the anticipation of summer, and dreaming of the semester-ending cheers and throwing school ...

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Tomato Basil Frittata

A 5-ingredient healthy breakfast packed with eggs, greens and tomato! This has been my breakfast all week long, and I am loving it! Fresh tomato on top of greens and eggs makes breakfast fast, flavorful and incredibly healthy. And there's enough protein and healthy fats to keep you full ...

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avo deviled eggs1

Avocado Deviled Eggs

The addition of avocado to classic deviled eggs lends a unique flavor and extra-creamy filling! I just love deviled eggs. The creamy yolk filling topped with paprika .... hellooo instant happiness. Before this week, I hadn't had deviled eggs in so long. Too long! I kept planning to make ...

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Maple Coconut Cupcakes with Blueberry Filling

Coconut flour cupcakes filled with a fresh blueberry filling and topped with maple cashew "cream cheese" frosting and toasted coconut! A nut-free option is included as well. Oh man, oh man. I am SO excited to share this one with you! Because it's my favorite time of year (Easter!), and ...

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southwest steak salad2

Southwest Steak Salad

Happy Friday! I feel like I'm doing things backwards around here ... Last Monday I posted a brownie (treat yo-self) recipe, and now on Friday I'm here sharing a healthy salad that will brighten your week. Uhh .. well, oops. This salad is my new weekday lunch jam! It's got all of those crunchy ...

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