Bacon BBQ Meatloaf

I have good new and I have bad news. Let’s here the good news first. I found a Belgium waffle maker 50% off today so of course I had to buy it. Now I’m making my sister a pumpkin waffle for dinner, and I have some new recipes to develop. Yay! Pancakes may...

Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Coconut No-Bakes

As I type up this blog post I am just home from the gym, and eating leftover easy hamburger soup with a limon Live Kombucha soda. I’d say that makes today a good day. Freezing an extra batch of soup was probably one of the smartest decisions I could have made....

Roasted Okra

Over the weekend I mentioned that I was going to meet Juli Bauer and Geroge Bryant, and let me just start off by saying they are such awesome people! I had a ton of fun listening to them speak, getting The Paleo Kitchen signed and meeting them! I also was able to meet...

Pineapple Pulled Pork Stackers

Guys, I am so excited! For one, I am for sure going to Colorado in less then a month! I can’t wait to see Denver and eat a jelly-filled cupcake from mmm…coffee. That’s definitely happening. There is no way that I am passing up a nut-free,...

Spicy Creole Pulled Pork

I’m just going to say that I am pretty proud of myself for this recipe. I’ve tried some good pulled pork recipes, but this is my new favorite. Sorry if that sounds a little big headed or something, but it’s just the truth. Maybe it’s like...

Mint Chocolate Fudgsicles

If you have visited my blog before, then you probable noticed that it looks pretty different now. My theme update came with a ton of new options so I decided what the heck, I’ll just redesign a heck ton of my blog. I honestly couldn’t be happier with where...

Tomato Basil Meatballs

I might (fingers crossed!) be going to Denver, Colorado with my family for a week this summer! Eek! I’ve never actually been to Colorado, but if you ask me what my favorite state is, I’ll still say Colorado anyways. There’s quite a few places...

Red Cabbage Summer Coleslaw

Looking through my fridge to find ingredients to throw into a coleslaw, I remembered the large Tupperware container filled with an entire cut-up watermelon. Watermelon isn’t just for sweet dishes, right? Well, when I asked my dad, he was completely turned off by...


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