AIP Plantain Fritters: Guest Post by Beyond the Bite

Today’s post comes from my friend, Gabriella. I had the chance to hang out with her at Paleo f(x) this year, and she’s just as kind as she is talented. I’m excited to have her sharing a recipe with you now! I’ll be back next week with a new recipe and some updates, but until then, enjoy the plantain fritters!

And can I add how happy I am that this recipe uses plantains? Plantains are one of my favorite ingredients, so I will definitely be trying this recipe once I’m back in my own kitchen. 

Gabriella’s blog is full of easy-to-follow allergy/diet friendly recipes, so be sure to check out Beyond the Bite! 

aip plantain fritters

Hi everyone, my name is Gabriella Schneider, and I blog over at Beyond the Bite, where I share my journey with chronic Lyme Disease, paleo recipe creations, and health information!

Due to the damaging effects of untreated, neurological Lyme Disease, I have had to change the way I eat significantly.  One of these ways is low-FODMAP, which removes all fermentable carbohydrates, in order to heal the lining of one’s intestine and remove any over-activity of bacteria.

aip plantain fritters3

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pineapple muffins1

Pineapple Coconut Muffins: Guest Post by Cook It Up Paleo

While I'm out of out town, a few of my friends are keeping you full with new, delicious recipes on the blog! These tropical muffins come from Heather of Cook It Up Paleo, an 18 year old blogger with a ton of creative, enticing recipes on her blog! Thank you so much Heather for sharing this recipe on ...

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blackberry mango icecream1

Blackberry Mango Ice Cream

I had the privilege to share this fruity summer treat on this week! To get the full recipe, follow the link at the bottom of this post. TWO ice cream recipes in one week? You're welcome. It's summer, and summer means all the ice cream options are necessary! With it's ...

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ice cream cookie6

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Smooth vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between two nut-free peanut butter cookies! This recipe is nut and dairy free with egg-free and vegan cookie options.  Happy Mothers Day to any moms out there! And guess what else ... It's also my birthday today!! And now that I'm officially out of ...

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walking taco2

Paleo Walking Tacos

Healthier walking tacos made grain-free, dairy-free, nut-free and paleo! Make them for any celebration (like Cinco de Mayo!) or for a fun, easy dinner. It's one of my FAVORITE TIMES OF THE YEAR! It is almost summer!! We're right on the cusp, people! And ... It's my birfday week, my ...

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coconut butter1.1

How to Make Coconut Butter

Creamy homemade coconut butter that is so easy to make!  I'm a self proclaimed coconut butter addict ... And luckily, it's beyond easy to make at home! Homemade coconut butter also has the advantage of saving your wallet lots a' moo-lah. I can't even look at those $12 jars of coconut ...

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vanilla chia

Maple Vanilla Bean Chia Seed Pudding

I shared this 4-ingredient recipe on Cook It Up Paleo this week! To get the full recipe, follow the link at the bottom of this post. Haaaaa-pee Tuesday! Are you Happy? I'm happy. I'm back after an exciting weekend at Paleof(x), and I'm sharing a new recipe on my friend Heather's ...

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